Between the notes

Those that know me “musically” have, at one time or another, heard me say, “The real music is in the space between the notes.”   I can’t take total credit for the quote.  I heard or read something similar Wandering in the space between notesseveral years ago.  I don’t remember when, where, or who I got it from, but I decided to take it as my personal musical philosophy.

What exactly does it mean? 

Well, to me it means the time, and the thought(s) that come to mind, when you are taking in and enjoying what you just heard, and anticipating what marvelous sound might come next.  It could be the micro-second between two individual notes, the short time that a quarter or half rest takes between musical phrases or the time when you are waiting for the next piece of music to begin.  It could be a riff from your favorite song, or something you’ve never heard before. 

You could even be quietly lying in bed and a song you heard days ago comes to mind and you might wonder what the artist will come up with next.  The point is that whether you are playing an instrument or just listening, you are not fully appreciating the music unless you are able to absorb both the notes and the spaces.

I hope that today you are blessed with the ability to experience some “spaces between  the notes”.



Where’s the best place to get a musical instrument?

There are many music stores out there, it can all get quite confusing. The stores I like to visit also have websites which allow for browsing online and price shopping before you ever hit the store.  In the past year I have purchased instruments or accessories at Guitar Center in Towson, Music & Arts in Timonium, Best Buy and Music Go Round in Cockeysville, as well as the online store – Musician’s Friend.  I have also found some good stuff at Bill’s Music House in Catonsville in the past. 

My advice is to research and visit as many stores as possible to find the store or stores that you like best.  See who has the most knowledgable salespeople in order to effectively answer all of your questions but who will also give you space long enough to try out a few different instruments. 

Compare prices.  An instrument is something that you will likely have for a long time, maybe the rest of your life, so you don’t want to rush into it.  If you think someone is planning to give you one as a gift, let them know that it’s a very personal item and send them a link to the exact model that you want or at least the model number.  They will be happy that they’ve given you one that you’ll love.  Even better…gift certificates! 

If you find a music store that you really like, let me and my readers know so we can check it out, too.  Send e-mails to Have a very musical day.